Are you a business owner searching for freedom to conduct business without having to worry about handling business taxes? Our tax consulting in Zimbabwe will help you save more time and money through tax planning.

Tax Consulting in Zimbabwe

Are you already complying to Zimra & NSSA in paying all your taxes due?

We also specialize in helping you take care of all tax calculations, reporting and submissions to tax authorities in Zimbabwe.


The 5 step tax clearance process

In order for every business to have a valid ITF263 tax clearance certificate we follow this process.

  1. We initiate the ZIMRA registration process.
  2. Go on secure your Business Partner(BP) number.
  3. Open a business bank account for your company.
  4. Prepare and submit your business tax papers.
  5. Receive a valid ITF263 tax clearance certificate.


Our Tax Consultancy for your business

Tax evasion is a serious offense eligible for a heavy penalty when discovered. Why not stay at peace with the tax authorities?

We help you set up everything right from the start up to the end.


1. ZIMRA registration

A valid business bank account is required for ZIMRA registration.

We help you secure a Bank Advice note for opening a business bank account and obtain a Business Partner(BP) number for your company.


2. PAYE and Quartely QPD returns & submission  

We help you calculate your provisional (QPD), income tax and submit to the regulatory authorities.

We prepare your taxes closely following statutory requirements to help your business from being penalized.


3. ITF263 tax clearance certificate
This certificate is proof that your business is tax complying, paying all taxes due to ZIMRA.

Every tax certificate is valid for a year and is renewed every year depending on previous tax status.

Having a valid tax clearance shows your trading partners that you honor statutory obligations which help you avoid withholding of 10% of sales.


5. Tax Appeal / Penalties

We help you launch tax appeals and recover from tax penalties charged by statutory authorities.

This will help your business reshape its corporate image and adhere to good corporate practices.

Thus, helping you get back to your feet and do business as usual.


6. Tax Audits

We navigate through your accounting books, taking a closer view of all the taxes you paid, recalculating tax figures and prove how much paid versus what you should pay.

Our duty is at helping our clients to defend themselves and stand firm to their plea.


How will your business benefit from tax consulting and complying?

Are you wondering if paying tax will ever be of benefit to you and your business?

Paying your tax due will ease up the way in which your business operations are undertaken. The right question to ask is how?

  • It helps you win big business like government tenders of high value.
  • It helps you avoid withholding and remitting 10% of your sales to ZIMRA.
  • It allows you to be at peace with statutory boards to avoid tax penalties.
  • Paying business tax is part of good corporate governance practices.


Who can engage our tax consulting in Zimbabwe?

We provide our tax consulting services to startups and SME businesses. If you are a business owner or part of any business team mentioned above you can choose to work with us. Below are the types of company formations that suit our tax services:

  • Private business corporations
  • Private limited companies
  • Trust organisations


Our tax consulting charges in Zimbabwe

Our tax consultancy fees are relatively cheaper compared to industry charges, why?

Because we believe in helping you start business cost-effectively. Note to already existing businesses, the actual price charge will vary depending on different factors like size of the business, the number of employees, etc.

Below is a closer look at what your budget should be roughly if you are to engage our startup tax services.

    • ITF 263 tax clearance certificate – US $70

It includes:

      1. Obtaining bank advice note and open business bank account.
      2. Application for your Business Partner(BP) number.
      3. Preparation and submission of tax documents.


    • ZIMRA registration & bank note – US $30

It includes:

    1. obtaining a bank advice note.
    2. opening your company bank account.
    3. applying for Business Partner(BP) number.

We believe every business tax problem is different – Company Reg 263

So for other tax services please kindly send us your request so that we can help.