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Why Register a Company in Zimbabwe?

Benefits of Company Registration in Zimbabwe

Ask why is it necessary to register a company in Zimbabwe! Did you know more than 60% of business is lost by startup businesses annually due to lack of proper documentation and company registration to support their operations. These business deals range from small to large scale commercial projects. Do you want to be that person losing such opportunities just because your company is not yet registered?

Attract Bigger Business

Many registered companies avoids doing business with unregistered companies because they lack compliance with the tax authorities. This is the same reason why large government tenders are only open to registered businesses possessing a valid ITF263 Zimra Tax Clearance Certificates.

Enjoy Limited Liability

A registered company exists as a separate legal entity with its own rights to sue and to be sued. This safeguards you as a member or shareholder from losing your personal property to cover up business debts. You only lose what you would have invested into the business and nothing more.

Continuity of Business

The death of a shareholder will not disrupt business operations as with the sole trading or partnership business. All registered companies can continue to operate into the unforeseeable future with the shareholders at liberty to join or leave as they pleases if there are not violating preset conditions.

Easy Business Growth

You can easily raise more capital for business growth and expansion purposes through adding more members or shareholders who bring more financial resources. A registered company can also be listed public on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and appeal for funds from the general public.


Types of companies you can register in Zimbabwe

We have two main types of profit-making companies is Zimbabwe, a Private Limited Company (Pvt Ltd) and a Private Business Corporation (PBC). Below we highlight their main differences.

Private Limited Company

Many registered companies in Zimbabwe are Private Limited Companies, allowing 2 directors. Private Limited is popular because it offers protection against losing personal assets to cover debts.

Private Business Corporation

Private Business Corporation is a simple and cost effective solution for company registration in Zimbabwe. Its major benefit is that its can be operated by a single person, providing protection to its members.

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The Simple Company Registration Process

Procedures for Company registration in Zimbabwe

To register a company in Zimbabwe is a great thing but making it succeed is all what matters in the long run.
We help startup businesses break into the market the-easy-way through offering affordable company services below

Step 1:
Fill Application & Submit

Fill-in and submit your application form. Make a payment online or at our offices.

Step 2:
Name Search & Reservation

We review the application form and file for company name search using provided names.

Step 3:
Documents Preparation

We prepare the documents using reserved company name and make them ready for signing.

Step 4:
Signing of Documents

Prepared company documents are signed by shareholders, then filed for registration.

Step 5:
Registration Completed

Pickup your company papers from our offices or have them shipped to your address.

Who we are?

About Us?

We are a team of skilled experts with over five (5) years in the industry offering company registration, secretarial services, tax consultancy and statutory compliance services to individual & businesses in Zimbabwe. We have 100% completion rate on client work and we want to keep it that way. Our promise is to get your company registered in 7 working days. Give us a try Today!



Our company registration process is simple and painless. We take care of all your hustles and
complexities so that you focus on putting your product on to the market.

4 Company Names

Avoid using abbreviations like ABC limited, they are not permitted. Your names must have a qualifier like Enterprises, Investments e.t.c

Directors' Information

Requires at least 2 Directors who in charge of daily operations. Their Full Names, ID Numbers/Passport, Residential Addresses.

Company Core Business

This is involved highlighting what you are venturing into? It might be farming, mining, retail, investments and general trading.

Shareholders' Information

Can be 1 or more, these are the owners with shares in the company. Their Full Names, ID Numbers/Passport, Residential Addresses.

The Business Address

Both the physical and postal addresses for your business are needed. You can temporarily use your residential address and later change it.

Company Secretary

This should be an experienced person qualified and capable of maintaining your compliance related paperwork for your company.

You can register your company on your phone!

If you are not confident in ordering a company online – Call, Text, WhatsApp or Download our Mobile App, our friendly team will help you register a company using your phone.



When you let us do your company registration process, it will be simple and painless experience.
We take care of all your hustles and complexities involved.

fast and reliable

We offer you fast and reliable company registration services.

exceptional service

We focus on providing exceptional customer service to our clients.

Affordable Prices

Our prices are affordable and fairly matched to our service.

Industry Expertise

We are experts at startup business services in Zimbabwe



From 2016 to present we have registered over 2500 companies situated in different parts of Zimbabwe. Included are both Private Business Corporation (PBC) and Private Limited Company (Pvt Ltd) forms of business incorporation.

PBCs Registered
PLCs Registered
Being Registered



To register a company in Zimbabwe is a great thing but making it succeed is all what matters in the long run.
We help startup businesses break into the market the-easy-way through offering affordable company services below

Software company located in Chitungwiza. Said "Registered my company with them and they assisted me in opening a bank account. Thank you for your service.!"
Collen's testimonial
Director & Founder
Indoors floor cleaning company based in Gweru. Said "You are the most trusted agency in terms of business! Thanks for registering my company and tax clearence. Keep it up for a good job."
Banele's testimonial
Director & Founder
Costmetic & water supplier based in Masvingo. Said "Your services are excellent. I was kept well advised, I saluted their communication channels were kept open the whole time.!"
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Everything You Need To Know About
Company Registration & Tax

To register a company in Zimbabwe is a great thing, but running it  and making it succeed is all what matters.
Let’s show you how your business grabs the market effortlessly using our services:


Frequently Asked Questions

Registered companies benefit from limited liability. This means that the directors are protected from losing personal property to cover the business debts. Even if your business go broke, your personal assets will be safeguarded. You also benefit from improved credibility for funding.

We have two(2) main type of companies you can register in Zimbabwe. PBC company registration which is ideal for small business especially sole traders and Private Limited company which is ideal for Small Medium Enterprises and large corporates suitable for at least 2 or more directors.

Company registration charges depends on the type of company chosen. To register a Private Business Corporation, a basic package starts at $65, whilst to register a Private Limited Company packages starts at $120. You can checkout more about our company registration packages.

Our company registration process normally takes between 5-10 workings days to have the final company documents out. The number of days taken to register a company is highly influenced by the availability of your proposed company names and also the workload at the Registrar of Companies side.

Yes, you can. Worried about involving other people in your company? You can choose to register your company as a Private Business Corporation. A PBC company will allow you to operate your company alone, whist offering the limited liability protection to its members. Pvt Ltd needs at least 2 directors.

To register a company in Zimbabwe you need:
  • 4 proposed company names.
  • Physical and postal address.
  • Stating what you want to do.
  • A business email address.
  • Directors & shareholders details.

Yes, we register companies in Bulawayo and in any other part of Zimbabwe. Our easy company registration process permits you to register a company in just 2 simple clicks. Filling of your company registration papers can be done using the Registrar of Companies in Harare or Bulawayo. 

You don’t need to be physically present. Company registration in Zimbabwe can be done by Zimbabweans or foreign nationals located outside Zimbabwe. You only need to make use of local business addresses when your register a company. Take a look at our virtual address services.

We are open to multiple payment options ranging from US Dollars, RTGS, Zipit Bank Transfer, Mobile Money payments, Regional International Remmitence services like Western Union, MoneyGram, Mukuru, AccessForex, City Hopper. Just let us know how you want to complete your payment.

According to the business law in Zimbabwe, you are  required register for tax with Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) within 30 days of business operations. A tax clearance is needed for corporate bank account opening process and avoiding 10% withholding of tax on your all your business dealings.

Besides new company registration in Zimbabwe, we also do:

Annual Returns, Change of Company Name, PBC/PLC Conversions, Company Deregistration, Change of Directors, Allotment of Shares, Transfer of Shares, Company Documents Verification, Company Documents Replacement, Trade Name Registration 

We also have a list of ready-to-use shelf companies in stock.

We provide you with all the business support you need to successfully run your company well.  We also provide you design, marketing and accounting services.

We believe registering a company is a huge step, but making your company profitable is what matters. That’s the help we give your business.


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