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who are we?

At Company Reg 263 we value our customers, we love what we do and we deliver our promise. We take care of all company registration complications to help our client stay hustle-free whilst we do their documents.

Company Reg 263 is a team of skilled experts with more than two (2) years offering business registration, bookkeeping and tax consultancy to individual/businesses in Zimbabwe. We promise to get your company registered in 10 working days and kick-start it towards success.

Why register company with Company Reg 263?

  1. We focus on providing exceptional customer service to our clients.
  2. We offer you fast and reliable company registration services.
  3. We are experts at startup business services in Zimbabwe.
Who we are?

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Number of Companies Registered

From 2016 to present we have registered over 1500 companies situated in different parts of Zimbabwe. Included are both Private Business Corporation (PBC) and Private Limited Company (Pvt Ltd) forms of business incorporation.

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